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Desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, smart phones, operating systems, networks, software...

The number of pieces needed to complete your overall business systems puzzle can be quite daunting.

Each element must be considered not only individually, but as part of an integrated whole. Beyond simply plugging a computer into a network and connecting to the internet, your business must have a continuity strategy.


VSI Inc. BusinessThere are routine issues to take care of: Do any of the computers in your office have a virus? Is important information on your workstations being properly backed up on a regular basis? Do you have the latest updates for the software you are running?

And there are extraordinary circumstances to consider: What will you do if the power is out for an hour? For an entire day? What happens if your internet connection is down? What will you do if there is a fire in your office? Unless you have a solid contingency plan prepared, just what are you going to do when disaster strikes? How quickly can your business be back up and running?

Our extensive knowledge and training as systems integrators will prove invaluable in laying out a cohesive plan for your company’s hardware and software needs.



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