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Working from my home office, as I often do, I get interrupted by the phone ringing.  

Now I wouldn't really mind if it is a worthwhile call.  But these days it seems that they are always coming from a number that I have never seen before, with never a message left indicating just what the caller might have been after.


Recently the CBC's Marketplace did some investigating, "Offshore telemarketers defy Canada's do-not-call list", and found that the wonderful National Do Not Call List, that is supposed to be protecting us from these nuisance phone calls, is not doing a very good job.


I decided to check out the DNCL to see if our phone number was actually on it.  The results are shown in the image above.  Now the interesting thing about this is that we've only had this phone number since around August 2011.  I guess I should be thanking someone for pre-registering it for us in 2009.


Since it seems that the DNCL doesn't have any teeth to put a bite into these out of country callers, here is a website that I found useful to see who might be at the other end of the phone.  It's called and is subtitled the "Directory of Unknown Callers".  Simply go to the site, enter the phone number on your Caller ID display and press the Search button.  If anyone else has received a call from this number and has entered some information about the person and/or company you will get the details.  I have found some of them quite useful and good to read.


Since it seems there is little we can do to stop these, at least we can take some comfort in knowing that we are not alone.



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