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Vogan Systems Integration (formerly Inc.) has been successfully helping small to medium sized businesses with their computer system needs ever since May 1996.  It is privately owned and operated by Zena Kamocki and Scott McBride.


We started out developing single user applications using Microsoft Access® and then quickly moved into more client-server related applications.  These typically involved using a Microsoft Visual Basic client which would request data from a more robust Microsoft SQL Server on the backend.


As the internet became a more and more popular arena for deploying software we began to design and develop systems using ASP and PHP along with databases that were using MySQL.


We continue to evolve as we are now servicing the need to take our programming expertise into the wireless device world.  We recognize that these very powerful mobile smartphones will be the platform of choice by millions and millions of end users.

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For Your Information

Are you not interested in having iPhoto launch every time you plug your iPhone or iPod into your Mac?  


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